Australian Education and Migration Services


  1. Fill out the online AEMS Skilled Pre-assessment form

    Please kindly fill out as much information as your can, to enable AEMS Senior Consultants to correctly analyse your case.

  2. Start Skill Assessment, document preparation and lodge visa application

    AEMS migration consultants will thoroughly assist the applicants to prepare for the visa application.

  3. Waiting Period

    Visa waiting period would depend on the processing procedure and case load of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection from time to time. During this waiting period, the visa applicants may be required to undertake the medical examination or pass the character check. As the validity for these documents are normally 12 months, we will instruct you to prepare and lodge these information in due course.

  4. Visa approval

    Applicants who met all visa criteria will be granted with the temporary or permanent visa.

  5. Come to Australia

  6. Join AEMS Club

AEMS provides a platform for existing and new clients to know more local culture and people, enjoy the work and life in Australia. We will organise large social activities and provide free seminars to assist the newcomers to adapt to the new work and life. In order to know more about the information and service provided by AEMS club, please email to, or join us by filling the application form, then send to us for registration.

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